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Last updated March 25, 2014
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The rTree is a powerful and highly sophisticated Tree-View control that has been designed to let you deliver professional level and beautiful tree controls on all platforms supported by LiveCode.

The rTree control is developed from three top priorities:

Power – the processing engine is able to create, process and render thousands of nodes in split seconds. The engine processes all aspects of the tree linear with rTree scalin excellent. There is no background processing, so when the tree is rendered all processing is finnished.

Ease of use – The aim has been to develop a control that is just as intuitive to use asĀ  native LiveCode object. rTree is faithful to the wonderful plain English like langue of LiveCode by consistently using syntax like:

set the name_of_node_ID_[7] of control “Tree” to “My first node”

or alternatively:

set the rt[“name of node ID 7″] of control “Tree” to “My first node”

You can create a tree in seconds just by hitting the return key in the control to create nodes, direct edit the name of the node and rearrange by drag and drop.

Customizable – Easily set predefined styles and behaviors of the rTree or create and apply your own themes. Use up to three icons at your choice, you can use different sizes if you like, and control almost any aspect of the apperance of the tree, even for each node

Outliner – An example of how to use rTree to build an Outliner Application. Check the script of the buttons and the rTree group.

Download Outliner Sample Stack

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